Resources for your campaigns.
Buffer Logo

Buffer allows you to schedule, publish and report on your social media content from a single platform.

By subscribing to Buffer, and then linking your Buffer account to your Sparkswell account, you can publish your Sparkswell posts directly from Sparkswell to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

L2 Political Logo

L2 provides enhanced voter, consumer and modeled issue data. They are particularly well known for their national voter file.

L2’s data is a great way to add to, and enrich, the records in your supporter database for the purposes of email marketing, fundraising and canvassing. Once you purchase a data set from L2, you can easily upload it into your Sparkswell account.

IQM Logo

IQM is a digital advertising platform geared specifically to political and activist campaigns.

By connecting your Sparkswell account to the IQM platform you see how well your advertising is producing results such as donations, volunteer requests and event attendance.

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Ballotpedia Logo

Ballotpedia provides information on government officials and the offices they hold, political issues and public policy, elections, candidates, and the influencers of politics.

Use Ballotpedia to find out what offices you’d like to run for and which elections and issues you’d like to support. You can research issues what issues are being voted on each year, who’s running for office in an election, what a specific candidate’s positions on issue’s are and even election filing deadlines.

Candidate Boot Camp Logo

Candidate Boot Camp is a non-partisan organization offering online candidate training and free resources. They are specifically focused on candidates that don’t have the budgets to hire a large team of campaign consultants and staff.

Once you have the tools from Sparkswell, you can head over to Campaign Boot Camp to get trained up on how to run an effective campaign.

Zazzle Logo

Zazzle is a print-on-demand service. Upload your designs, pick products to place them on and then sell these products on your Zazzle page. Zazzle takes care of production, shipping and payment. You get a cut of the profits.

If you need a quick and easy way, that has very limited up front costs, to manage your campaign merchandise, Zazzle is a great option. They have yard signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, mugs, and really anything you can think of putting a logo on.

Additional Resources

Even more resources for your campaigns.
United States Federal Election Commission (FEC)

The FEC oversees federal rules on elections, including who can donate and how much they can donate. Read through their website to make sure you are keeping your campaign fundraising properly documented, compliant and reported on. Find out more here.

Campaigns & Elections

Campaigns & Elections is a publisher producing articles on, you guessed it, campaigns and elections. Great for keeping up to date on campaign management trends and best practices. Visit their website here.

Digital Advertising


Facebook Ads

Remember, in order to run Facebook ads for social issues, elections or politics you need to be authorized first. This can take a little time, so make sure you get started several days, or even weeks, before you want to run your ads. You can read more about the process on Facebook’s website.

Google Ads

There is also a verification process required to run political and issue ads on Google’s network. There are also restrictions for certain states. You can find our more about the process on this Google policy help page.

More Data Sources

The number of firms that sell voter files is small. And, it’s even more limited if you aren’t affiliated with one of the two major political parties. So, if you are in the market for contact data, or would like to enrich the data you already have, you may also want to look at companies that largely cater to businesses. Just make sure you are upfront about what you are purchasing the data for, they may have restrictions.


InfoUSA is one such option for things such as physical or email mailing lists. Visit their website for more info.

Exact Data

Though largely commerce focused, Exact Data has specific options for politics. Find out more on their website.