Platform Rules

All good places have a few rules to keep things safe and enjoyable for everyone. These are ours.

Not To Do ❌

🚫 No bullying

🚫 No hate speech

🚫 No causing of harm to others

🚫 No encouraging violence

🚫 No criminal activity

🚫 No impersonating people, organizations or causes

To Do ✅

👍Stay legal. Comply with all national and local donation reporting requirements.

👍Keep your promises. Use money you raised for a cause and/or a political campaign, on activities that support these efforts. 

👍Be responsible with donations. If someone makes a donation that she/he is not legally allowed to make, return that money promptly.  For a political campaign that might be a donation from a foreign entity or a donation over the legally allowable limit for your political campaign.

👍Follow the Sparkswell values.* Candidates and activists should not promote policies and positions that are in opposition to Sparkswell’s values. 

Really, just be a good person. And remember, these rules can apply to behavior on and off the platform…..  If you want to dive into the full usage terms and legalese, check them out here: Terms of Use.

Please note, Sparkswell can remove you, and your campaigns, from the platform if you do not follow the rules on this page or those in our Terms of Use.

*Sparkswell Values

We believe that society should be fair, open and oriented towards social and economic progress. We are strongly supportive of progress oriented goals such as humane immigration policy, increased government focus on science and research, low to no cost universal healthcare, world-class affordable government supported birth to college education, gun control, environmental justice, increased safe guards around women’s health and abortion rights and inclusivity and equality as pertains to gender, sex, race and identity. Above all, we value helping candidates and activists who are working to create a healthier, happier and more just society.