Updating Legal and Payout Information

You can adjust campaign legal and financial information at anytime by going to the campaign settings menu and selecting the donations tab. This includes the information for the bank account you want to deposit funds to.

Disbursement Reporting

A record of when, and how much, was disbursed from your campaign can seen by going to a campaign’s campaign settings menu and selecting the donations tab. The disbursement history can be seen here, and a full reporting can be also be downloaded in CSV format.

Donation Reporting

You can get an overview of your campaign fundraising by going to a campaign’s dashboard screen. For detailed donation reporting, you can download a complete history of donations to a campaign, with information on each donor, by visiting the campaign dashboard page and clicking on the button to download a complete record of donations. This file downloads in CSV format.

Things to Remember for Candidate Campaigns

There are typically limits to how much a political campaign can receive per person, per campaign. This means you will have to keep track of all donations made per person to make sure they have not surpassed their individual limits. You may want to do this by downloading a full report each month from Sparkswelll and totaling up the donated per person. This can be down quickly through a program such as Excel. You will also want to add an any donations that come from outside Sparkswell, such as those done by check.

Things to Remember for Cause Campaigns

Unless you have registered as a nonprofit, which comes with its own set of regulations and expenses, you will probably need to pay taxes on anything you raise. So, make sure you investigate the possible tax regulations pertaining to your campaign and put aside some of the money you raise to cover these taxes.