Sparkswell Reporting

The two key areas of reporting Sparkswell provides are Campaign Performance Reporting and Campaign Finance Reporting.

Campaign Performance Reporting: Campaign performance reporting can be found on your campaign dashboard page. Here you can see things such as profile views, followers, and donation metrics.

Two really important things here are the under/over metric and the donation trend line graphic. These help to show how your are tracking towards your stated fundraising goal based on the number of days to your election. For example, if you need to raise $100 for your campaign and have 10 days in your election period, then you need to raise $10 per day on average to make your goal. If you are only raising $9 per day on average, then you are $1 per day below what you need to raise. The graph is a more visual way of representing how you are tracking to your goal over time.

Campaign Finance Reporting: Campaign finance reporting allows you to track records of all the donations made to your campaign. These are the records you should use for auditing, and you would need to provide to any elections oversight body such as the FEC. For example, you can see each donation with its accompanying contributor’s name, contact information, occupation and employer. You can see a summary of donations in the campaign setting donation tab and download a report with full record details by clicking on the download icon.