About Lists

Some things You Can Do with Lists

  1. Create and Download: You can create and download lists to use for things like direct mail campaigns, sharing event attendance lists, pulling volunteer lists and downloading donor lists.
  2. Email: Through the Sparkswell platform, you can use lists to send targeted emails to contacts.

Lists are available to campaigns with certain paid subscriptions and require use of the Supporter Database.

The Support Database houses all data about your contacts collected on the Sparkswell platform, as well as, any data you personally upload to the database.

The List functionality is designed to allow campaigns to select records from the Support Database and combine them into lists. A Contact can be assigned to multiple lists. Also, assigning a Contact record to a list does not remove a Contact from the Supporter Database nor alter the Contact’s associated data record (except for the List assignment data).

List can be created using numerous attributes and rules. These attributes and rules can be can be changed at any time. Once created, lists are automatically updated as contact records are added or modified. Lastly, Lists themselves can be deleted at any time.