Events are used by campaigns to share upcoming in-person or online events they may be having. Events can be posted on a campaign’s public feed on Sparkswell and shared through channels including social media and email.

For example, if a campaign has connected a Buffer account (buffer.com) to their Sparkswell account, the campaign can post event directly to their social media accounts from Sparkswell. If a viewer wants to share the event on their social media page, then they can do that through buttons on event. Additionally, if a campaign has a Sparkswell subscription that includes email, then the event can be emailed directly from the Sparskwell platform.

Other Things to do with Events

  1. Delete an event at anytime
  2. Allow people with Supporter accounts to rsvp to the event
  3. Allow people to submit that they have attended an event after that event is finished
  4. If you have a subscription that includes a supporter database, the system tracks all your contact with your supporters and allows you to report on people who rsvp-ed and/or attended your events and what other actions thy have take such as donate to your campaign.
  5. If you have subscription that includes email, send pre-event invitations to contacts within your Sparskwell supporter database
  6. If you have subscription that includes email, send post event thank you emails to event attendees