Why Email?

Email within Sparkswell is available on select subscription and is designed to help you send batch emails to your contacts. You may want to do this to communicate upcoming events, fundraise or just simply send updates to these contact.


How to Send Emails

Sparkswell provides set email templates for Events, Fundraising and Updates. When you post an Update and Events to your Sparkswell profile, you have the option of sending this Update or Event directly to contacts as an email. You can also manually send Fundraising emails directly through the Email section of Sparkswell.

There is some customization to the email templates, such as adding a campaign logo and choosing the default color for your email. You can make these changes within the Email Settings menu. Also note, Email also for the auto-insert of fields from your Supporter Database. For example, you may want to auto-insert the first name of your contacts into the introduction of the emails they receive so that appears the email is directly addressed to them.

When you have selected the email to send, you must select a List to send this email to. There are some default list in Sparkswell, such as “every who has donated”, but you can create your own lists too.

Once you have your email create and list selected, you can either send your email immediately, or schedule to send it at a later day and time.

If there is an email you want to re-use, you can simply open it within Sparkswell and make a duplicate.



Email has it’s own reporting own reporting screen which allows you to keep track of things such as how many people visited your Sparkswell page after seeing the email and how much was raised off of this email.