If you have a paid subscription, you have the ability to create up to two campaigns. Campaigns can be created for Candidates or for Causes. When you initially sign up for a paid account, you will be taken through the process of setting up your first campaign. You can, if you wish, set up a second Campaign by going to the My Campaigns page. You can delete campaigns on this same page.

Things you can do in the settings page:

Change campaign name and description
Update Organization and Issues lists
Update donation information and download reports
Add team members (assuming your subscription includes this feature)

Deleting a Campaign

You can delete a campaign by going to the setting menu for a campaign, scrolling over the the three bullet icon in the upper right-hand side of the setting page and selecting Remove Campaign.


Campaign Donation Setup Changes

You can turn the campaign donations feature on and off for any of your campaigns at any time. You can also change any of the donation setup information, including donation target, by going to your campaign setting and selecting the donations tab.

Detailed Donation Reporting

You can view and download reports on campaign donations by going to the settings page of your campaign, selecting the settings tab, selecting donations and scrolling to the button of the page. To download a spreadsheet (csv file) of your donation history, click on the icon with the arrow under Disbursement History.

For reporting on fundraising on campaign performance as relates to fundraising, you can get that in the campaign reporting screen.